Hello, my name is Barclay

I lost my bike in Chicago, and I'm looking for advice on what to do as well as posting a reward for the finding of this bike. I've already filed a report with the police, I've listed my bike as stolen on BikeShepherd, and I've set up alerts on E-Bay and Craigslist. I wanted to go to you guys for advice.

But also more than that, here is the offer: whoever finds my bike will get $40 cash. Here is a link to the pic of the bike for your reference: 

Send me a text if you think you have found it. [919-996-9640]

To say that I was attached to this bike is an understatement. I've explored a lot of places, and vented a lot of frustrations on this bike. It's to gotten to a point where it has felt like a pet dog. #FindingCanon

Thanks for your help guys

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Here's a stickied Forum Topic you should read.

As for the reward, the people behind the Chicago Stolen Bike Registry
not only want people to get their stolen bikes back, but also
support an overarching principle of reducing bike theft. We believe
that offering and paying rewards for the return of stolen property
perpetuates the cycle of bike theft. If you wish to post something
about a reward, you have to do it somewhere else. Good luck.

You're right, sorry about that.


 It sucks when you have a bicycle stolen...I've had that happen before in Chicago and with the two that were stolen, I had one come back two years later(thanks to Comrade Cycles). I've compiled a list of things to do that can be found in the "Do this when your bicycle gets stolen" post. Good luck.

Direct link Here.


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