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Hello fellow chainlinkers.  Sad news to report, one of my customers had their Yuba Mundo long tail cargo bike stolen from their garage yesterday.  It is brand spanking new as they had just picked the bike up from us last week.  Here is a photo of the Yuba Mundo.  

It is a matte-black frame and has two Yepp brand child seats on the back, one silver Yepp and one black Yepp.  It is a fairly unique bike so if you happen to see one for sale, please contact me at 312 643-1670 or

Thank you for your help in spreading the word.  

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No Yubas reported to the Chicago Stolen Bike Registry as of yet.

If the customer needs to remain anonymous for some reason you are welcome to post the listing for them.

Thank you, I have informed them to post it to the registry so hopefully it will be up there soon.  Thanks.

So crappy. Yubas seem to be a hot commodity to thieves in the last year. A couple of years ago I thought owning a unique cargo bike gave you a bit of an upper hand against theft, but those days are gone. 

Remember to put just as much effort into locking your bikes in your basement or garage as you would on the street.


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