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Looking for manufacturer of steel rear triangle mounting kickstand. Anyone know who makes these? I talked to greenfield on the phone and it isn't theirs. Mounts the same way though. Who still makes these out of steel?

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No one.

rear axle kickstand are not really that stable on adult bikes.

there is a Wald brand one for 16" & 20" bikes.

OMG, please stop, hahaha... your just messing with the CL people, right?

BikeBerry, I would not trust anything from them, nothing. 

Look up comments here on

For all your motorized bike needs please visit Duane at

He is super cool, and will either answer your call or call you back.

I will stop now as not to irritate anti-motorized bike folks.

Please visit your Local Friendly Bike Shop for advise on a rear mount kickstand.

Okay, why do you need a rear axle kickstand?

I would recommend a double leg bottom bracket mount one over this one from BB.

The last time I seen one of these was on a Bike Ambulance in Palatine.

I have not seen them on many motorized bikes. 

I was looking for this but made of steel.

It looks like Sunlite's version of the rear kickstand is made of steel. 

Shops should be able to get this as well. 

Thanks legacy that looks like it might work

I've got a two leg kickstand from Pletscher on my LHT. Worth it if you ask me. I still haven't found a reliable source of decent rubber feet for the ends... but dang, that kickstand really holds up.

This is the one I am thinking of. Very stable, folds neatly underneath.


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