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An organization called StartOut contacted The Chainlink about helping to spread the word about a screening of the film Miss Representation on May 8th at the Music Box Theatre. The event will raise awareness and funds for StartOut's Lesbian Entrepreneurship Mentoring Program. StartOut is an organization dedicated to fostering and supporting entrepreneurs in the LGBT community.

We would like to combine this with a bike focused event. Maybe by having a group get together and bike to the screening and/or bike somewhere for drinks afterwards. Is anyone interesting in helping to coordinate something in conjunction with the screening of Miss Representation? This is pretty short notice, but we wanted to try to spread the word. 

Let us know if you have questions or if you’d like to rally the troops!

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Miss Representation is a fabulous movie.  If you have any young women in your life, I strongly recommend you bring them to see it. 

I'm sorry I'm already booked to go to another fundraiser that night, so I can't help out.

I just watched it too.  Wow.  Powerful and very important messages.





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