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Hello All!

I am working on a proposal for my company to start a bike to work program. 


What kinds of incentives does your company provide?


Any best practices?


Thanks for the help!

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I got us free indoor parking during winter months, with the attached parking garage to our building, last year for the Bike To Work week (13 people). Although, I argued that in the winter, it's a lot easier to find space to lock our bikes to since there aren't a lot of bicyclists, but I take what I can get.

I am sure you will got lots of varied replies; so maybe you can compile them all once everyone chimes in.


Here are mine :

indoor, secure (racks to lock to) guarded (monitored by building security and CCTV) bicycle parking (with the option to leave bike overnight if needed (after work plans, weather, etc.). cyclists sign-in with contact info and date/time of arrival / departure.


shower, locker and changing facilities. Place to hang sweaty / wet clothing is a bonus. Fitness center is a plus (to stretch, rehab, etc.)


separate entrance for cyclists (when we are wet / smelly folks in suits and high heels don't like to

stand too close to us on the elevators). Freight elevators are nice.


and the icing on the cake : friendly building maintainence folks...for when you leave your 15mm wrench

at home and have to change a flat. LOL


Give Active Transportation Alliance a call. Maybe they can help.

Suggestion: Bacon. (We need to do this in Chicago)

The building I am in is opening a Bike room within the next month so that I won't have to park where I am now...and it's got rumors of showers and lockers. I'm excited.

Let them know they get to go to all the fun parties and are part of a cool club.



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