Spotted in a junk truck: purple Murray mtn bike with kid seat

I saw a decent-looking bike in a junk truck this afternoon on Cortland and Ashland. The bike was a blue or purple mountain/hybrid bike, looked like from the 90's, with a sloped top tube. Looks like the brand is Murray.  And there was a child seat on the rack. The bike with in good condition and didn't look particularly rusty, which would seem standard for an abandoned bike this time of year. That and the kid seat was what led me to believe it might have been stolen. I got a really shitty photo of the bike itself (it was so dark under the overpass and I have no flash) and a clear photo of the license plate, so if this sounds like a match for anyone, let me know and I'll PM you the license photo. I don't want to post it here and wrongly accuse anyone of stealing. 

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No purple Murray on the Chicago Stolen Bike Registry...
Salvage the tires/tubes -the rest belongs in the junk pile.


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