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"What’s more, those speeding drivers are also more distracted. A study released Thursday by the data analytics company Zendrive found motorists are braking harder and using their phones more while driving. The analysis of millions of miles of driving data based on smartphone sensors found speeding is up by 27 percent on average, while hard braking climbed 25 percent. Phone usage on the nation’s roadways steadily increased in the weeks following the stay-at-home guidelines, up by 38 percent in mid-April, according to the report. The behavioral changes contributed to a 20 percent increase in collisions per million miles traveled since the beginning of the shutdowns, the report says."

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When I used to commute regularly between Evanston and the Loop, I didn't mind taking Clark. Except for the four-lane stretch between where Ashland merges with then later splits from Clark, its congestion served to keep the speed down. It's not surprising to me that people are speeding more. It is nice to have some data-driven proof though.

Only tangentially related, here's TSA data showing the huge drop-off in travelers passing through security at the nation's airports. Travel by car certainly hasn't fallen as dramatically, but I wouldn't be surprised if it had fallen at least 50%.

Oh most definitely. I had wrong way delivery driver come flying at me a few days ago and he was absolutely clueless about it. It seems that the worst offenders right now are the delivery drivers racing to each restaurant and what not. I think everyone is in for a hard shock once more traffic gets out there and people have to deal with each other more again.



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