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I got a spam email this morning, some diet plan link, which I naturally did not open.  But the source appeared to be (and the headers confirmed) it was Robert Vaughters, famous (notorious?) owner of Shining Bikes/5600 Bikes. 

Of course these things usually come from someone's email address that has been hacked, or spoofed.  But he has seemed to be such a shady character I am not so sure in this case.

I have no idea how he might have gotten my email info, certainly I never emailed him or his crappy shop. 

Anyone else get this? 

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I didn't get it ; but the (very ) little I know about spambots is that they generate an email for (pretty much) every combination of letters, numbers, etc. in an email address; and the emails to  non-existing accounts just bounce back. I'm sure the geeks can correct me here.

You should look at the emails we get to numerous different variations of  

Your e-mail and the other person's e-mail end up in someone's Outlook address book (likely a work computer that's on and connected all the time) which is then farmed by a worm.  Spammers know you're less likely to ignore a message when it appears to be from someone you know, so their software makes sure the spoofed address and the target address are from the same source.

Not much you can do about it apart from delete it.

No love for Shining Bikes here, but the suggestion that Vaughters is somehow responsible for that spam message would be assinine if one were to try to make it.


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