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Here is the Pdf Time Table showing bikes on trains during the weekdays

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Thanks Andrew!'s half a loaf!    During the week, only two inbound trains accept bikes, and they're in the morning; and only two outbound bike-friendly trains in the afternoon.  Otherwise you're SOL.   Not too convenient if you live in can't leave the City with your bike until 4pm!

On weekends a bit better.  But apparently once the train gets into Indiana, there are very few of the stops that permit loading or unloading bikes!  Essentially only Hammond, Dune Park which puts you on Rt 12, and then 45-minutes to South Bend.  With no option to exit in Michigan City.

What's up with that?

South Shore only permits bikes to board at high-platform stations, i.e., where the platform is level with the floor of the train car.  They dont want people carrying their bikes up or down the train car stairways, perhaps for reasons of liability and/or efficiency.

Hmmm.  Well maybe South Shore should speak with Metra.   Many, many Metra stations require bike owners to clamber up their train's stairs, work their way through a sliding door that doesn't always co-operate, and lash their bike to the folded seat. 

I get the impression that the South Shore, altho potentially providing access to some wonderful biking country side in Indiana and SW Michigan, doesn't really want bikes on their trains...even if it means greater revenue.


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