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Just wondering if anyone else is going to participate in the Soldier Ride this Saturday June 4 which is a ride benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project. It is way out past the Fox River near Elburn so it is not easy to get to (I had to buy roof racks for my Subaru to transport our bikes :) ) (and it's before the first Metra to Elburn ).


Via the Mobility Project, a non profit in St. Charles, they provide specialized bikes for injured and disabled servicemembers. These can be hand cranked, trikes, etc, whatever the person needs. People who have benefited will be in the ride.


Here is a recent article from the Tribune describing the ride, and here is the official site. I just read the article the other day which is why this is late and we just signed up.


If someone else wants to come and can't get out there, I can maybe take one person. I have a wagon, but to fit a bike in back i'd have to lower the seat, it is a split back bench seat so maybe a person can sit on the left half, it may be cramped. Unless you have a spare roof rack that will fit on factory crossbars. :) It can be an expensive ride since it's $25 but you have to raise $125 more. Or if you have a car and can transport your own bike feel free to join our team.  (I just found out about this ride, which is why the late notice)


It is one of those "you must fundraise" type rides, so if you wish to donate here is my team's page. Thank you ahead of time.


Or, if you aren't comfortable with a donation that would go to the Wounded Warrior Project, in Illinois they are working with the non profit Project Mobility out of St. Charles, which provides specialized bikes for the disabled, as well as other equipment, they seem like a worthy charity to donate to as well that is also bike related.


thanks and sorry for the fundraising type message.


chris b

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