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So my 10+ year old CycleOps trainer is starting to take a crap on me (well not really, I'm just getting sick of it) and I'm just about ready to pull the trigger on a Kinetic Fluid Trainer Rock 'N Roll Smart with InRide Sensor and a Zwift and/or TrainerRoad membership. What's most appealing to me about this specific model is that it has a sealed resistance unit (and a lifetime warranty!) and the side-to-side pivoting that will make me use my core muscles a lot more than a regular rigid trainer. 

Does anyone here have this same model? If not, what are you running and would you prefer what you have over the Kinetic? I'm pretty stoked on the Rock 'N Roll and expect that I will order one in the next 2 days, but I'm still weighing my options.

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DC Rainmaker has a pretty good guide on trainers that you may want to check out:  .  Overall, I think the kinetic trainers are a bit behind, you need a special iphone only app to use them as opposed to most trainers that support ant fe-c which lets any device that supports it to talk to the trainer (e.g. your garmin 520 can also be used on your trainer).

Thanks for this. I ended up getting an Elite Qubo Digital Interactive trainer from Performance (They had it for 30% off, couldn't pass that up) 

So far I LOVE it. It's got a rubberized roller and paired with the trainer tire I'm running, it's also very quiet. Been taking advantage of all the different routes and tests on Zwift. So far it's proven to be a worthy investment


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