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Small size aluminum frame, good for someone between 5' and 5'9". It has a 3-speed internal Sturmey Archer drivetrain, drum brakes, reflective Schwalbe Marathon tires, and Velo Orange cruiser-style handlebars. Its full fenders keep you dry from the rain. Internal brakes are great for wet weather riding. Other accessories are a Topeak spring clamp rear rack, rear bike basket, handlebar-mounted side mirror, and Monkey electric light on the rear (I can knock off $20 if you don't want these accessories). If you want front and rear lights, can sell those for additional $10. Email me for a test ride near UIC or the nearby local bike shops. Blue City Bicycles or Irv's Bikes.

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how much are you asking?
Marketplace posting fail. Sorry, Scott. I sold her yesterday.
Now I can't figure out how to delete this post....


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