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So I tend to be a bit of a jerk when I see bikers on the sidewalk riding at anything more than a walking gate. I get it there are times when you first leave a place where you may find that you have to cruise for a little but should get on the road sooner rather than later. 

Do any of you chastise other riders you run into on the Sidewalks? 

Me I politely suggest that they should be on the road and am amazed by the a-hole responses I get.

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Ryan seems to cast a wide net-- I don't think there's anyone reading here who didn't see themselves lampooned by him :-)

Clark said:
H3N3 said:
...If you guys see cycling in streets with cars as a safe activity, more power to you-- hold onto that as long as you can.

Geez Howard...don't tell me YOU were the "old yuppie on one of those target mountain bikes" in Ryan L's story....?
This post resonates with me...Duh you ride on the sidewalk when you have to, and you do it responsibly...
Once coming from Stanley's going west under the underpass with a ton of frickin delicious fruits and veggies weighing me down...on my rack, in my backpack...I was on the sidewalk going under the freeway for the one block it takes me to get over to a sidestreet, and I did a semi-usual confident 'comin thru on your right' to a band of four people flanking the sidewalk...a leisurely stroll for the four...a twenty-something couple walking somewhere with their suburban parents, seemed to be showin' em the big city. I said it a second I was behind them, going very slow...hoping they would let me by so I didn't have to completely stop my heavily loaded bike, well I startled the mother who jumped (nervous type) and then the daughter or daughter-in-law tried to yell at me. Then I had to become crazy...I was already profusely sweating from my load...and I argued back and stayed in her face an uncomfortable amount of time arguing about whether I should be on the sidewalk asking for room to pass or be in a street I felt uncomfortable in with all that heavy load. I don't think people should be yelling at other people about the rules...there are times it makes sense to get on the sidewalk for a bit, going slow, and I think pedestrians should have to share. But that's me, and I'm a responsible rider and would never graze or hit anyone. The reason I yell out is so that there can be time to adjust, reposition, and share. I yell out in love. It's good for them. I helped that lady my making her jump. She was practically unconscious. Some people are cool about it and some people are just blind rule-enforcers and don't like to interact or to make allowances for others. Always quick to point a finger. That's ridiculous. This past weekend I had a little old lady tourist downtown pedestrian type yell that I had a red light. NO-ONE was coming or near me. I mean these people are brainwashed. I wasn't even crossing her path...nothing had anything to do with her. They'd rather follow a rule than think. Anyways I don't argue back or defend myself to people anymore. It's not worth it. I just laugh. This past week I was going to park my bike outside of Huron Whole Foods and was slowly riding behind a lady as she walked, not even trying to pass or too close to her...she turned around when she heard my bike, moved all the way over, so I passed. Then she barked I shouldn't be on the sidewalk. DUH. The bike rack is on the sidewalk. Rule-mongers. I just laughed. I consider myself to be someone who doesn't ride on sidewalks...the half block or block to avoid death or the riding up to a bike rack doesn't count.
I save my judgement for people who threaten me. Sometimes this means I will ride on the sidewalk if I feel traffic too threatening (Western and Fullerton anyone?) especially if I am riding with my son. Imposing my views on others isn't always taken as being polite.

I ride on sidewalks in the parks all of the time. It is a legal activity in Chicago. All park sidewalks are designated as bike paths. Since they are shared, I ride at an appropriate speed. If it is too crowded I walk. I have a bell or horn on all the bikes that I ride. I also know how to call out to be heard from a distance.

My favorite rides in town are sidestreets and parks. Especially during off hours.
Fair enough, I suppose there may be times that individuals that may need the Sidewalk. Being in UV/WP/BT there are plenty of bike paths and tons of people so it is a bad combo all around.

Few weeks ago I told a few hipsters on their kool beat up old schwinns riding on the sidewalk that they should get on the street, the ironically bearded leader of the gang said "We ride where we feel like, you have no say in it!" Um ok but a ticket or hospital bill may dent the PBR fund.
If I am walking I usually don't say anything unless the person is particularly annoying about it. However when I am on a bike and I see someone riding on the sidewalk I will usually yell to them something to the effect of it being more fun/faster/awesomer/safer on the street.
I usually won't say anything. I *might* if the person is really annoying and zooming around me when I'm walking dogs. (I am a dog walker.) I sometimes have as many as three dogs in my care at one time. I don't feel like I should be made to cross a busy street when someone is riding a bike at me and the dogs. More important than a bike coming towards me, is that typical sidewalk rider who's behind me. If he/she would just SAY something about the fact that they're behind me and passing, that would be really helpful. I'm a great dog wrangler. I know the behavioral nuances of the dogs I walk, but I do need some reaction time.

I'm a little surprised that some people have no clue that not all dogs react positively to a moving bicycle. Natch, I do whatever I have to do to keep myself, the dogs, and the cyclist free from harm. Never had a problem yet, but geez. SLOW down if you think you need to ride illegally on the sidewalk.
I also prefer to ride on streets, but will get on the sidewalk from time to time. It really depends on the street I'm on and my level of comfort with the traffic at the time. I've been buzzed too many times to worry whether someone else approves of my taking to the sidewalk from time to time. As with anything else, I use good judgement when on the sidewalk. I won't ride down the sidewalk in a residential or commercial area. But in other areas I will. For example, riding home from work I find the area around 87th and Kedzie a little more than I want to deal with at that time of the day. I jump on the sidewalk there for a few blocks before I can turn into a side street. The stretch from 87th to about 91st rarely has pedestrians since it goes along a short strip mall, a park, and a cemetery. I feel fine in flying through on the sidewalk until I have the opportunity to turn into side streets.

To avoid any problems, I usually turn to If I'm going somewhere, I try to map out my route beforehand. I'll put together a route that uses side streets as much as possible. But inevitably at time I have to use major roads, where I feel the need for a bit of compromise with everyone out and about.
I agree, Ricardo. I'm above the law when it comes to sidewalks versus getting creamed. And, I wouldn't ever ride on a sidewalk and endanger a pedestrian. That's just not nice.
Good idea! I'll try that too.

jamimaria said:
I just don't move out of the way. I walk in the middle of the sidewalk and force them to either slow to my gait or squeeze around.
kids in the hall, 1988:
"Dave: Hi, I'm just writing a letter to someone in the hospital. You know it's always kinda hard to find the right words to say. You know, somehow "How's the weather in the hospital? Sure is nice outside" just doesn't work. But you gotta try, you know, you gotta show your concern. So here's what I got so far: "Dear Guy, I clotheslined as you went by on your bicycle. You don't know me, but I'm the guy who broke your collarbone. Now, I've asked myself over and over, why did I clothesline that guy? Perhaps I watched too much slapstick as a kid and expected you to get up after being violently assaulted. Imagine my confusion when you did not. Although not so confused that I'd actually hang around. In all fairness, it was pretty funny. I mean, the last thing you'd expect as you were riding merrily by on your bike is that someone you didn't know at all would stick out his arm and crush your throat. I mean, you really should've seen it, it was just like, wham! Bam!
Dave: Anyway... in closing, as you lay there convalescing in your hospital bed, I'm forced to wonder, what were you doing riding your bike on the sidewalk anyway? Huh, ya asshole? SideWALK? Maybe sometimes we bring heartache upon ourselves. Signed, the guy that collapsed your trachea." "

end of thread.
I don't say anything to anybody unless I'm willing to throw hands. As at my age I'm not willing to engage in fisticuffs so I keep my mouth shut. You younger people may not know it, especially those who live in the city's youth ghettos, but this used to be a town where lots of people were ready and willing to paste you. Including white collar guys. But that was when white collar guys were regular guys, before they became "yuppies". My father was a white collar guy and would nail you right now; when I was a kid I saw him drag a cabbie right out of his window and give him a beating at Madison and Crawford. But he grew up at 22nd and Millard back in the 30s and 40s when the Irish, Jews, Poles and Bohemians were real scrappers.
I think adults that ride on sidewalks as a matter of course are just idiots and not worth wasting breath on....

But there are times when riding on a sidewalk is called for, like the bridge on Belmont west of Western I hate riding on the strret there, but when riding on the sidewalk for a short time, I slow WAY down to a walk and yeild to the peds just so much easier.

Or going under some of the other bridges around the city where the street narrows, it just isn't always safe



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