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Any suggestions for a good place to shower and change in the West Loop.  My office building's gym is $50/month, which is more than I feel like paying.  I also don't feel like shlepping across the loop to the McDonald's Cycle Center at Millenium Park (I work on Wacker Drive).



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Do you really need a shower, or just to freshen up?

If A full on shower is not needed, you can always use wet wipes on the pits and privates to freshen up.

There is a YMCA @ 101 N. Wacker, but I do not know what services that location has. It could just be an office.

need a shower.  I get stinky!

Maybe the gym in your office will give you a locker room pass for less money. I've heard of health clubs offering that kind of service for people who need to shower but don't necessarily want to use other facilities.  

how far west is "West Loop" ?   I know Johnnies Ice House (it's around Racine and Madison maybe) probably has showers. I assume it's for hockey players....but I have gone in there with my bike

and it seems pretty laid back.


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