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Semi/cyclist crash Medical District (09/23) - an update (09/30)

Semi and cyclist crash right outside of work. Don't see the cyclist but lots of blood on the street. Police have the area roped off. Channel 7 chopper overhead. So sad. Wood/Roosevelt. I didn't witness anything.

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Any updates on this cyclist? Especially after today's new, really hoping she makes it.

One of Danielle Palagi's friends has started a Go-Fund-Me page.

There is also a Caring Bridge site for updates.

1,000 Likes! I'm still always shocked to see 18 wheelers on Milwaukee and side streets. How is that a good idea?

Yes, better visibility mirrors and SIDE GUARDS.

The Chicago city council needs to pass an ordinance for side guards on trucks to save cyclists lives. Article by John Greenfield.



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