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I am interested in doing an organized bike tour in Europe. Can you recommend a specific tour company and/or tour?

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Which country(ies)? Guided or self-guided?  What sort of daily mileage?

I still consider myself a novice, so I would be looking at 30-40 miles per day. Guided. And, I am open to which country.


The that Larry mentioned is the American representative for multiple bike tour operators.  I believe all their German and Austrian tours are run by Eurobike ( ).  I've done two of their bike tours in Germany (I ordered directly from Eurobike's website) and can recommend them.

In general, these European bike tours are an old-people's thing.  They're expensive because they put you in nice, centrally-located hotels, which is where most of the cost comes from.  I'm not sure how the guided tours work, but I think you either need some minimum number of people to co-book with you, or they will cobble together a group who will likely be old people and you will ride very slowly.  I would never consider doing anything except self-guided, personally.

I appreciate your perspective. Thank you!

Take a look at    (formerly Bike Tours Direct)

They are a large, well known tour coordinator that receives excellent reviews.  Check the feature write up on them last year in the Adventure Cycling Association Magazine.  They have a huge number of tours both supported and non supported.

My wife and I were very happy with a Danube Bike 'n' Boat trip we booked through them 2 years back. 

Thanks so much, Larry, the suggestion is much appreciated.

I second this recommendation. I had a great experience with them on the self-guided Danube ride from Passau to Vienna.

Hi Cheryl,

Out of curiosity, did you do the self-guided ride solo or with a group?

Thanks much,


I did the self-guided tour solo. I travel solo pretty frequently so was comfortable doing the ride on my own as well. The maps for the ride were fantastic, the path well marked, and while it wasn't quite as populated as I'd expected, there were enough riders coming by that it didn't feel desolate. 

Compare prices to Bike & Barge tours. 

You don't have to pack and unpack every day.

You do have to get to the barge by evening.

Thank you, Mike!

Next month I will be in Spain with Backroads ( ).  This will be my first full biking trip with them.  I have been on a hiking trip and a multisport trip with them.  My sister and parents have also taken some of their trips.


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