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So this May marks the one year anniversary of getting my CX Norcross Blue commuter stolen and I'll finally have a secure bike lock area so its time to get an upgrade from the SS steel whip I've been using for a year on my +10mi commute.

Any advice for a high quality ride? Looking to spend up to 1500-2500.

Must have disc brakes, and fender/rack mounts, 105 or better drivetrain and can handle loaded pannier bags or a child seat (so probably not carbon frame).

Prefer cable actuated brakes  (so I can run cross levers) and internal cable routing, rust proof titanium or stainless would be nice.

Looking at the Motobecane Century Pro Ti, which is real close to checking all the boxes above. Any reasons not to go for this?

If you're looking to sell something that fits the description I'm 6'0" but usually size down to 56cm.

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I have an older model of that bike with quick-release instead of Thru-Axle and SRAM components. I love it and I'm using it for my gravel/CX riding. I did use it as a commuter, but I though that it was too nice of a bike to just make it as my commuter.

I towed a trailer for camping once with this bike.

There are other steel bikes that will make a better commuter and for hauling items/baby/trailer. One of my personal favorite that has everything you want from a commuter and tour is the Kona Sutra (not the LTD)

Good to hear! Did the Century pro fit as expected? I noticed the geometry is a bit less aggressive than their strictly CX bikes...

My 2015 geometry was a bit different (see attached image) as it was more of a cross bike and rides more like one. I'd like the newer ones better with lower bottom bracket.

The Surly Straggler is basically their Crosscheck model with mechanical disk brakes. It's just 4130 steel, but I swear by my Crosscheck, and Surly (even on their complete builds) gives you a lot of bang for your buck in the price range you're looking at.

Seems there's a whole lotta love for Surly steel bikes. I was thinking of them too, and their BD doppelgangers like this ( which seem to spec out about the same or better for the price. Just don't know about steel with my 20 mi commute and those salty wet roads!

I have a Kona Jake the Snake that I use for just this, plus the occasional race or road ride. It hits each of your marks except the frame material, which is aluminum. I haven't put a child seat on there, but have definitely loaded it up with a full pair of panniers. It's great fun, and has handled anything I've thrown at it so far.

The Kona is slick! Love the fat look to the aluminum frames.


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