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Hi All,

First time posting, so please excuse me if this question has been proposed before.

In anticipation for upcoming colder/poor weather I am looking to purchase a quality set of rollers. Does anyone on this forum have experience on which models may be best for road bike training? I have ridden both stationary trainers and rollers and would prefer roller suggestions please.

Thank you!


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The quality goes in before the name goes on.

Get the fullsize 4-1/2" drums from Kreitler. Don't bother with any resistance devices. All you want to do is spin. If it's too easy on your road bike ride 200rpm on your 3speed and you'll get a workout.

ditto. the best. period. get some will save much $$$

Kevin C said:


The quality goes in before the name goes on.

Kreitlers are great, but the InsideRide rollers offer the best indoor experience.  The Tacx Galaxia are also nice.  Both may be expensive but the comfort and quality of the ride is far superior to ordinary rollers.  

If you can find cheap rollers you can go the DIY motion roller youtube version and save some green.  


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