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Hi All,

I'm taking an evening class at DePaul on Jackson and Wabash and I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a secure spot close by for bike parking?  I'll be leaving the bike for three hours, from 6 to 9pm, and am a little wary about it.


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Otherwise, if you're really concerned, use two u-locks.

Thanks Will, I thought of the Bike Station but they don't stay open long enough for non-members.  And I always use two u-locks.  I was just wondering if anyone had a preferred spot down there.

I would probably recommend locking up closer to State instead of Wabash. Wabash is fine during the day, but State is more open (no el tracks) and has better lighting, and more pedestrian traffic at night, I think.

I've locked to the city racks in front of ExChequer (226 S Wabash) a bunch of times and never had a problem.  With two U-locks you should be fine.  Lots of foot traffic and eyes on the bike doesn't seem to be a deterrent for cable lock cutters, but it does for U-lock defeaters.

Cam and I lock up outside at Adams/Wabash for work, we use one of these heavy duty chain locks, a ulock and a cable for any spare parts


From the DePaul web site: "Bicycle racks are available on the north plaza of DePaul Center and in front of the Computer Science Center. Bicycles are not permitted inside any building on the downtown campus."

You may want to ask fellow classmates about the security of these racks, but this is what DePaul is saying.

Purely in my capacity as Gabe's personal assistant, this just in via text: "Corner of State & Jackson in front of DePaul and I (he) cross my fingers."

Thanks for relaying the info Kevin. The Depaul Security guards are aware of bike thieves and do keep an eye out but it still does happen. When the weather gets nice the racks get packed.

Thanks all, looking forward to the commute.


if you are really wary (I have done this) leave it with the coincierge at the Palmer House Hotel. Tell him your party is stuck in traffic and you are checking in "later" (next year?, next life?).

they will put the bike in a secured locked room and give you a claim check. When you retrieve the bike

you throw them a $2-$3 tip for their efforts and everyone is happy. (and the U-Locks get to stay home)


just my $.02


Depending on how nice your bike is, I probably still wouldn't park anywhere else even using 2 locks in that area.

The area gets pretty empty after 7 PM.

Will V. said:

Otherwise, if you're really concerned, use two u-locks.


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