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Trying to sell quickly locally before a move on 5/19. I will consider all reasonable offers. No components have been changed since it was build and it is in great condition. Needs to be cleaned. My daughter took the pics since my vision is not the greatest. I am on the Northwest Side so you can come and see if after you make an offer.

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Frame size?

Good Afternoon,

I am very interested. However I have a few questions. What year is it? What is the frame size? and what is the serial number? Thank you.

I received this as a gift years ago from a Schwinn employee that knew the frame builder in Waterford, WI at the time. I would say it is 82-83 and I will measure the frame. It fit me like a glove and I am 5'8" but I will get the frame size and add comment.

I do also know that new it was about 2800.00

Im a bit new at this but the Center to Top measurement is 23 -1/2"

Center to Center is 22-1/2"

Top-Top is 22-1/2"

with a 26" wheel


After looking for a serial number I still have not found it. I know it was buit in 82-83 by Mark at the Waterford, WI location, then fairly new. It has a early version of the PDG decal (most PDG decals are after 1990 and I had already had the bike 7-8 years by then). If anyone has any idea where to find a serial number, I have looked in all the places I've been advised to look. It is also in its original paint color.

you still have not listed an asking price?

Serial number is kind of irrelevant as long as one knows it was built in the first year of Waterford Paramount production. The internet seems to think the frame had to be built in '81 in order to have that headbadge.

gah...the trainer??  Somebody save it from this fate!

First, Matt, you can breathe. I needed this to stand the bike upright for "kickstand" on Paramounts ;)

Second, I am accepting reasonable offers. No, 100 will not work. I know what its worth. I want to sell it not give it away. Reasonable is open I know but I know the market place changes and there are alot of variables to a bike like this. It is an amazing frame built by talented framebuilders of the time. It also differentiates collectors from buyers. If you feel you have a reasonable offer, please message me. I appreciate the interest.

Just posted the original copy from the Schwinn Paramount Catalog. This gives you the tubing information. These were know as Paramount Elite before they started making stock bike sizes again (a year or two later). Each frame and completed bicycle was built to the customer's orders. I am the original owner. All the components are original. The item that dates this as the Elite is the fact is has a metal nameplate as opposed to the decal version. Also the original PDG decal dates it to this series customer built in Waterford, WI. These are very hard bicycles to come across. There were not that many built before they went to a "stock" version. Just a bit of background.


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