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Anyone remember this place?

Before skate parks became a very localized thing, there was only TURF in Greenfield ,Wisconsin. In my day, that was it with Rotation Station(later P.I.T.) in Rockford, and then 4 Wheels Out in Marengo(which later moved to Hoffman Estes?). Both which turned out great and Rotation Station boasting the only Half-pipe over 12 feet within the region(and the first to offer outdoor skating). But that detracts from the point.. A couple of years ago or so, TURF was unearthed by a developer, and a movement to save TURF was born! I have not visited it in a while and it came to mind. Here are some of the updates to save, what I love to think, the landmark skate spot in the Midwest.Just thought I would share.


I still got my got my card today!




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Bell E. Buttons! The capsule ruled. I should see if I can dig up my old membership cards.
Also, I will never forget the wafting aroma of microwave pizzas and sweaty pads.



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