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I'm thinking about heading out to the Salt Creek Trail tomorrow (Monday 5/30) morning, starting at the Brookfield Woods FP and riding west to I-294 and then back. As it's been a couple of years since I've done that trail, I'm just wondering if any work is being done on it thru that stretch I plan on riding? I remember a few years ago when I made the trip to do the Salt Creek trail, I found a portion of it was closed for repaving. I don't want to run into any issues tomorrow.

Thanks in advance for any information you can supply (in a short time frame).


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I rode most of that section today, and all of it yesterday. It's all clear!

Sounds good. Thanks, I appreciate the info.

The last time I rode the trail, I got there early and saw a couple of deer along the way. Hopefully I will today too. :~)

Had a great ride.  A lot of people were taking advantage of the beautiful morning as well. Lots and lots of folks out on the trail this morning.

Did see one deer; just after going thru the tunnel under the railroad tracks....



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