Rte 53 Extension TRAIL POSSIBILITY! - please sign a witness slip


The state had planned a highway extension all the way to Grayslake (from Buffalo Grove) but it is now dead. BUT, the Illinois Sierra Club and other organizations are working to re-envision the extension in a more equitable way that isn't so bad for our environment. 

This is a potential great opportunity for a wonderful MUP through the heart of Lake County.

The link above offers far more detail and a few tips for when you sign on as a witness.

Please sign on to support Resolution SJR 52!!!

Here's the direct link to sign on as a witness:



Thank you all.

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Thanks for posting this. Saw it elsewhere and came here to announce the opportunity, but saw that you beat me to it.

Is there a map of the proposed route you could post?

I don't have anything handy. Maybe poke around the Active Trans site. I'm out of town right now as well, only using my phone, so I'm at a disadvantage.


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