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I need to go to 401 N Michigan Ave tomorrow. I will be coming south on the LFP and I am not particularly thrilled with the route that Google Maps proposes. Anyone have a favorite route there? And how bitter will the wind be along the LFP?

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I don't commute on the LFP so can't comment on the wind. But my office is in the NBC Tower which is a block east of where you're going. What you'll want to do is go west on Grand off the LFP to McClurg. Turn south on McClurg and head 2 blocks to North Water St and take a right. Then head west about 3 blocks and you'll reach lower Michigan Ave. It's right where Billy Goat is. North Water will snake around a bit but just keep going west and you'll have no problem. Google maps isn't good at plotting this route.

From there you might need to hike your bike up the stairs. You'll know you went too far west if you see daylight. Or Rush Street. 

Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. There is no substitute for the opinions of people who have been there when it comes to riding in a city.


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