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New here & was wondering what route would you guys would take to get to the business park at Kensington & Wolf road in Mt. Prospect. while going through Des Plaines. 

My work moved several months ago from the north side where I was only 2 miles away, but now I'm over 16 miles away. Been using an electric assist bike to help tackle the daily commute, but it gets stressful with the fast traffic in the suburbs where cul-de-sacs cut off use of residential streets & the only efficient routes are shoulder-less high speed arterial roads. 

I've settled on NW Highway > Busse Rd > NW Highway > Wolf Road. The route is pretty easy up to crossing the Des Plaines river, but after that I don't see any good choices. I have also tried River Rd to Central & also Rand Rd to Wolf, but I didn't care for the railroad tracks. I intend to eventually move closer, but any suggestions would still be helpful for riding into the city.



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I've worked in Arlington Heights for 4 years and when I'm not using Metra, I take route 14.

I know very well what issue you are experiencing and unfortunately, I have not found a better route for that stretch between Des Plaines and Mt. Prospect. I just kinda put my head down, hold my line and power through that section of Route 14.

I'd guess the best solution is to perhaps notify IDOT and see if some sort of bike accommodation can be put in place. There seems to be plenty of room for a bike path along the train tracks, for example.

Lee Roy said:

Is Central any calmer? I live in Des Plaines, and know crossing over the river can be tough.

Algonquin > Talcott an option? It cuts through the forest preserve too.

I took this one on my motorized bike on the way to work one day (123rd & Pulaski).

That was a long ride on the 2-smoker for sure!

Where are you coming from about? That would be helpful.

Just as figured no good alternatives. It seems at least Des Plaines knows about their shortcomings in cycling infrastructure but I wonder when & if these plans will ever be implemented.

Central is a bit calmer but I didn't like that it's only two lanes. Algonquin looks only better for the part that cuts through the forest since it has a marked bike lane. I'm coming from around Bryn Mawr & Western & have found a comfortable mostly straightforward route (save for the detour through Forest Glen to get to Elston) following the Metra NW line up till turning into route 14 at the Des Plaines river.

I used to ride to Arlington heights a lot to visit my in laws but only did it on Sundays before 9 am. It was the only time I felt comfortable riding on northwest highway, that was the only route that made sense.



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