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I have a couple of after-dark rides coming up and was wondering what people think of the path versus some of the main arterials down to Hyde Park. My route would either be LFP to 51st street overpass or Indiana -> MLK -> Drexel -> home (approximately). So, if you've taken these routes, which do you recommend for nighttime? Would you recommend the same one in the winter? (Thinking ahead here to wind on path vs. salt on roads.)



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I've taken the LFT home to my place off the 51st street overpass regularly at all times of night and day; the most dangerous stuff I've ever encountered has been ice in the winter. I can't speak to your street route, I've always taken the Trail.
Thanks, Sten! I like the trail, but the street route is a really easy ride downtown on days when I don't feel like battling the wind. Maybe I'll play with both and see what works out best.



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