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I'm planning on riding down to Calumet Park for the Gaper's Block Crit series.  Does anyone have a good route they use?


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I do! Hold Please!


I'd love to have the route as well.

My teammate Annie will give you a good route!

She will be responding shortly!

Awesome!  Thanks!

The route basically follows US 41.  Take the LFP to the very end by the south shore  cultural center, ride the sidewalk on the south side of the cultural center (watch out for the holes and concrete slabs that are sticking up) for about a block and then hop onto south shore drive.  Stay on south shore drive until it ends by russell square park and turn left onto baker ave (it'll be at an angle to s. shore drive).  Stay on baker for about 2 blocks and turn right onto Burley.  Head south on Burley until it ends (the chicago velo campus will be on the left) and turn left onto 87th.  Stay on 87th for 2 blocks until it ends and turn right onto Mackinaw.  Stay on Mackinaw and then take a slight left over the bridge to Ewing and a few blocks down, turn left onto 95th and the entrance to Calumet Park (the agua blanca restaurant will be on the corner here).

If the bridge at Ewing is up, stay on Mackinaw through the curve and you'll hit South Chicago Ave.  Turn left onto South Chicago and go through the underpass and then take another left onto 95th.  Go over the bridge and keep going straight and you'll head right into the Calumet Park.

And there you go!

Awesome. Thanks!

J.A.W. or anyone else want to ride down there with Katie & me? Let us know. We're hoping tomorrow night works for us and that the weather isn't too cruddy. 

I'm thinking of going Wednesday night.

That's our favorite night for yoga (with beer afterwards.)

I'm racing Thursday and would possibly be up for riding down (even though I was just told don't ride to the race if u are racing)...


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