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My roommate is moving out which means I need another person to live with me. Location is 32nd and Morgan street in Bridgeport. $385/month including utilities. The room is furnished with a lofted full sized bed, its a small room but the loft makes plenty of space underneath for all of your worldly possessions.


I plan to turn part of the common space into bike storage and work area, so I would prefer someone else that rides. Pets are welcome. The place is a few blocks from Maria's, Pleasant house and the coffee shop. Also close to Walgreens, CVS and subway.


Main cycling routes through the city are Halstead and Damon. If public transit is your preference then Halsted bus is a few blocks away and the orange line is 0.7 mile away. This neighborhood is also close to 94 and 55 if you drive. Parking is free and plentiful.


All I ask of the roomie to be is keep the common spaces clean, do your own dishes and be respectful on weeknights as I get up at 5 AM every morning for work.  


Room is available by June 8th, maybe earlier depending on when my current roommate moves out and things get rearranged. If you are interested shoot me a message!

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I'm definitely interested. I heard about this from Rich and Will so I figured I'd check it out. I'm current living in the burbs and trying to hold out until I find the right spot. Your place sounds cool. I ride almost everyday. I have a cute, little old chihuahua that might like to visit every now and then. :) Anyway, just send me a private message if you want to chat more about this.


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