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Not seeing a thread started already about the repainting of segments of the lakefront path that's already been going on for weeks.  I suspect they'd like to pitch it as a repaving, but the reality is it's just blacker, with every detail of every crack still preserved.

Fraud aside, the project's execution shows the usual utter indifference to path users we've all come to expect, with surprise delays and detours created daily at multiple points simply pointing randomly and putting users at risk.

Anyone know where the plans/schedule are for this ongoing mess if any?

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I have emailed the Park District and have not received a response as yet. Our advocate Active Transportation Alliance has nothing on their site. You would think they would be all over this by helping their members though this mess.


I'm pretty hot headed about this right now because already several times it's literally added miles to my commute, then last night in the dark I had to veer off upon encountering the blockage near Montrose and got smacked by low branches.  But for luck and reflexes (and experience and a good headlight) I could've easily been seriously hurt.  I've tagged Chicago Park District in a Facebook post about it, but I'm never certain who's work is actually going on.
"You can't just randomly block stretches of THE major cyclist highway, without providing real alternatives."

That's my best guess as well.  Not a repaving, but not just cosmetic.

There is another thread regarding this work.

Depending on the location of the work, sometimes the best/only detour has been to take to the grass. The most annoying part to me is that the work is superficial and is not improving riding conditions except for clearer lane lines.

Good catch.  I did search back several pages.  The complaints there are very similar.

Agreed, but at least the bad spots seem a little more obvious than they did before.

I disagree.  I think the new black coating makes it harder to pick out the cracks and imperfections that still exist as no work was done to repair the actual surface of the path.

I disagree too. If anything, its misleading, making you think you're on new asphalt until you hit the the same old cracks 


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