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Repainting bike, is one spray can of Primer and Paint enough?

Before I take the bike apart is one can of primer and one can of primer enough? Biking to evanston in the next day or two. Is one can of each enough??



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Not all spray paint is created equal, and so it will depend on how good the coverage for your paint is as well as what size the can is. What kind of paint are you planning on using?

Rustoleum self etching primer and rustoleum "bright coat metallic finish" (silver)

Chrome ? Cool !
Hey, Haddon !

You could get away with buying just one spray can of primer and evenly spread it over the entire (prepared) bike area. But I would try to buy two cans of enamel spray paint for the finishing coat. (Insurance/touch-ups)

I did this in the past with a messed up (every day/beater/shopping mall) bike. I painted it with black enamel.

Sand it - clean it - prime it. Spray primer/paint in calm/ventilated air conditions. Tip: If you paint it now in these 90 degree hot days. You can set it out in the sun to dry hard quickly. (Just keep an eye that no one steals it.)

Yes, I know professional powder coating is best. You can DIY and get a good enough result.

I got the wire brush drill attachment and it goes to the metal pretty quick, I sort of hope to get the bike apart, painted and back together in one day. Thats the plan.

Also, don't forget our local businesses...Heritage does a powdercoat for bikes...

Powder coating is the way to go.  My friend found a guy in Crestwood ~$60 a frame with taking the old paint off.  He has had 3 bikes done and they are beautiful. 

For 60$ who is this friend? This is significantly lower than any other price I have found.

This is who a friend uses. 


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