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I have a carbon road bike with a carbon fork by Giant.  The handlebars seem to keep coming loose. I a looking for a mechanic to check things out. I think the fork is all carbon even up into the steerer tube.It is a Giant Defy Advanced. I don't have a torque wrench and was a little nervous of tightening things on a carbon bike.



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Can't say enough good things about the bike mechanics John and Nora at Uptown Bikes.  Extremely competent.

Dave, there are a lot of good mechanics in the city, and everyone here will have an opinion.  But if you have a preference as to what part of the city, it would help narrow things down.

North side and north west. But will go anywhere in city.

Steve at BFF Bikes on Armitage is great.

Last night someone recommended we take my mother in laws hopefully soon to be bike there for a fitting.  

Katie said:

Steve at BFF Bikes on Armitage is great.

All of the Comrades at Comrade Cycles on Chicago just east of Damen.

I know, big bad chain, internet store, but I like Performance on Diversey/Halsted. The new bike prices are pretty good if you know what you're doing and I've had good luck with the mechanics as well.

If you own a carbon bike, or even just a carbon fork, seatpost, stem, and/or bars you really should have a simple torque wrench unless you never ever want to make any minor adjustments yourself.  Going to your LBS is great but there are just some things you will need to do yourself at times.  

A Ritchey Torque Key is inexpensive at around $15 and anyone who owns a carbon bike or a bike with carbon parts should own one IMHO.   Unless you like running to the LBS every time you want to raise or lower your saddle 1mm

Another nice thing to have is some fiber grip -especially if you have a carbon seatpost.

I've had nothing but good luck with Kozy's on Milwaukee, just north of Belmont.

Any shop should be able to do that for you but if you have a carbon bike James is right, you really should invest in a torque wrench or torque key at the very least.  

Even adjusting your saddle really should involve a torque wrench because you can cause some damage quite easily over tightening carbon.  I work on bikes all day and have a very good feel for correct tightness and I always get out a torque wrench or key for carbon stuff.

Comrade Cycles on Chicago have great customer service and dedicated to cycling.

Thanks for all the great advice. I do plan on getting a torque wrench too. Just a little shy about working on carbon.


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