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anyone know of any aftermarket way to get a rear derailleur on a bike that's had the mount ground off it for some fixed gear b.s.? i mean aside from removing the entire drop and having a new one welded on. AND if that is my only option, anyone have any recommendations of bike shops that will do this goodly? thanks 

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look for an old late 70's road/ touring bike.
they had a plate that bolted on to the frame to hold the rear derailleur... [ ie ] huffy -murry- freespirt
try @ working bikes..
I may be off base here, but I believe there's a part called an Adapter Claw that is held on by a little bolt and the axle nut that you can hang a derailleur from if the dropout doesn't have hanger. This might be what isaac is talking about. I think you can buy these separately online.
Many bikes out there where equipped with a bolt on derailleur hanger, you should be able to find one hanging off of a used derailleur that is lying around your most often visited LBS. Be aware that they are not all exactly the same, some do not fit certain derailleurs.

If it is a really nice frame it may be worth the work to fix it properly, especially if you are already looking at repainting it. I'd recommend asking these guys about who could fix it. I've met several of the guys in that group and seen their work and and any one of them could do a fine job repair wise.
You have a few options, you can get a axle mounted rear derailleur but they are mostly low quality and have limited range since their designed for friction. Your other option is to get a derailleur mount adapter but I think they only make them in SIS. So your shifter options are limited, I don't have a J&B catalog on me so I'm not sure if they have them in friction. Your best bet is to bring your bike to a decent shop so they can get you going and assess the damage to the dropout. I obviously recommend Kozy's at 3255 N. Milwaukee on the Northwest Side since that's that's the name on my checks. Give kozy's a call at 773-282-0202 or come on in.
i think i'd need to see a picture of it but Doug is right about the bolt on hook. also is there a remaining half of the bolt still in the derailleur? It should be a large allen bolt. If so unscrew that pice to get an idea of the bolt size you need.
you need this

any bike shop can get it for you.
Sorry to hear the frame got drewed. I'd recommend the derailleur claw idea as suggested above. Just be sure the claw threads match the derailleur bolt threading; they are not all standard.


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