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So I am cleaning out my bike stuff since I have more than I need, I'll also update this as I have the week off next week and will be cleaning out stuff.

Bontrager Affinity 1 saddle - BRAND NEW, no cheeks have ever graced this.  Came off my new Trek 1.5 - $50 obo

Bontrager Race X Lite Pro saddle - black with yellow and gray stitching, 145mm x 285

Super lite saddle, too wide for my butt, slight scuffs on wing ends - $35

RavX Race X saddle, older but very lightweight. I put a lot of miles on this in comfort, can get width/length if you need it - $25

Shimano RX100 brake levers - internal cabling, bought them used and used them on my old Schwinn - !!!!SOLD!!!

Sora 9 speed rear only shifter - got this off a guy at a bike swap earlier this year because the shifter on the bike he sold was gunked up and not shifting - $25

Dia Compe stem/quill .833" stem; reach 90mm; height 155mm; 25.12mm for handlebar; aluminum - $20 OBO

SR stem/quill .833" stem; reach 80mm; height 85mm, 25.12mm for handlebar; steel - $10 

Random other stem, not sure since I got it off a frame I couldn't use for a build.  $5


Fancy pants reflectors from my Trek 1.5 - $10

Weinmann 27" aluminum wheels - hubs just pulled, cleaned and regreased 0 miles, maybe 150 miles on truing, plenty of braking surface, about 2500 miles total - $50 for pair

Two-Fish velcro strap-on stainless water bottle/bidon cage (GREAT for older steelie frames with no braze-on ports) - $15

Pics upon request or I'll update as I can.  I'll probably add more as I go through stuff....spring cleaning baby!

Everything is OBO!

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Hi Mike, I need a quill stem for my old Miyata.

Message sent

Fergie said:

Hi Mike, I need a quill stem for my old Miyata.

Should have some more up next week since I am off, or can get pictures as needed.

Is the RavX the white version?

It is not, black saddle.
Nick G said:

Is the RavX the white version?

Updated with pics....offer away ladies and gents!  It will make my wife love me more if I get rid of some of this stuff!

Figured I bump this, probably going to throw it up on craigslist in the next day or so.

would you happen to have a rear caliper brake?

Vitaliy, I do have a front/rear sent of Dia Compe Blaze calipers that have some wear to them but work perfectly.  I was holding on to them for a potential future project but would be willing to part with them, I'd like to get $25 obo.  And I can get pics if you'd like, just let me know.

Updated after some stuff was sold.



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