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The really disappointing bit on the article was the bike shop owner recommending that you never use a trailer anywhere there is traffic...

I think a warning on the hitch would have been sufficient, with instruction to repair.

Taking custody of the kids is very much overkill.  Would they rather have them leaving the kid at home alone because they aren't making a short trip without a car?

Would this be better?  Or a baby carrier on a bicycle?

So long story short you are an advocate of doing away with having repercussions for being stupid?

I mean the whole thing is epic level stupid, the freaking trailer had a FLAT TIRE!

I am not sure how anyone cannot see this is a clear case of it being a pair of people who may just be to terminally stupid, or blasted on meth, to make good decisions when it comes to a childs welfare.

The flat tired combined with the young age actually it what makes me most nervous. At that age neck muscles aren't yet fully developed and any bumps in the road could have had very serious consequences for the infant. Even "going slowly" "for a short distance" whatever that means. 

It sure seems like it.  He has to be trolling - no one could ever think this was OK.

Yes. What Doug said.


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