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New Vesus network cycling schedule now posted. Mostly Cyclism Sundays in the afternoon until TDF as Tour of Cali now over.

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So true about VS. Their camera system sucks. Last year during TDF I though maybe it was just the weather or something but watching the Tour of Cali its the same thing. It looks like the satellite or cable is breaking up, but its just their wireless cameras or whatever that konk out every ten minutes. But they are the only game in town as far as I know...

M.A.R.K. said:
Vs. converage of races sucks, period.. Wishing there was a better option for sure with cable. I dont race and dont have much interest in the sport side of things, but as the years go on I find myself watching it more and more.
After spending the 80's with the only TdF coverage being a weekly highlights show, and then watching the stage as reported on web pages when the net arrived...I think the coverage of the races is great. Races shown on the same day. Yea, the camera's break up sometimes due to the signal loss in the mountains, and on bad weather days.... but it sure beats the old way. And I don't see any other networks bidding for the race coverages.
I'm thinking thank God for VS. I just spent the last week watching a TON of race coverage. Not sure how you can blame a TV station for terrible weather that hinders broadcasting footage from motorbikes to sattelites?! You folks remember the hours and hours of race footage on TV back in the 90s? exactly...
I thought their camera work was just the standard footage, not just VS cameras. Also, I like the fact that they use VQ's Robbie Ventura for commentary. I was jumping up and down during last years TDF shouting "I've met that guy!!"
Ray said:
I'm thinking thank God for VS.
2nd that. I think they are doing a great job. 2+ hours of daily coverage for more than a week. that's badass, imo.
Vs. takes the standard video feed. I watched racing on the European networks and it is no different- just not Phil and Paul. If you want the whole stage coverage beginning to end, you pretty much have to watch live coverage or buy a pack to watch online. My monitor is only so big so the best solution is to DVR the live coverage and get the whole stage. Option two, buy the DVDs but they cut the stages down to highlights.

Just close your eyes during the day so you don't see who won the stage.

M.A.R.K. said:
I guess my thing is, just show the whole damn race.. Its more their showing bits and pieces, one hour maybe two shown of a 4-5 hour race. It's more like a recap then actual coverage of the race.



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