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Possible Stolen Bikes Spotted @ Ashland Flea Market w photos

These bikes were spotted at the Ashland Swap O Rama Ashland @ 42nd st.
Fellow chainlinkers and Chicago cyclists rode to the Swap O Rama this morning to reclaim and find stolen bicycles. We are working in numbers to combat thievery. Here is today's list:

-Specialized crossroads pink rims 
-Gold trek w brown front deep v pink and white saddle bullhorns 
-Black trek 1000 with rack 
-Green specialized stumpjumper, new tires 
-Black Specialized transition carbon with animal rights stickers 
-Blue trek 7.3 
-Felt team carbon argyl on top tube 
-Trek 1000 alpha series reed white and blue 
-Black republic 
-Chrome pista with straight stash handlebars 
-Specializes sirrus black 
-Motobecane record red 
-Giant cypress silver 
-Bianchi volpe green 
-Jamis beatnik 
Note: This list is a user provided list that is unverified.

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Did I miss it, or did someone already post this link from the Chicago Tribune from June 19th:
Sadly it has already been posted.
So definitely a private group now ?

Gabe said:
Sadly it has already been posted.

Why "sadly?"

The thread was started by Julie on the main forum on June 19 (Friday night) and has 17 replies.
You have to persevere all the way through to the second page of discussions to find it as I type.


Please be sure to join the theft task force group and help brainstorm and plan future actions.


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