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The article names a David Brown, it's chainlinker Dan Brown. No final call on status but hoping for the best.

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Terrible to hear this.  Very sorry for his family and those who knew him..

body was pulled out of Lake Michigan near Promontory Point this afternoon. It has not been identified and no information on gender. 


This is from the folks who run the karaoke at Davenport's on Fridays:


Such sad, awful news :(  Alma and I send our love and condolences to all
his friends and family.

Kind of in shock right now.  Can only think of a few songs right off,
but Alma and I will put our heads together later, and between us all
we'll come up with a list.  The system doesn't keep a history
unfortunately.  Sam Cooke's "Having A Party" was his signature song --
he did it every time he joined us, which had to be close to a hundred
times in seven years.  So I really can't get that one out of my head
right now.

By all means we'll do a memorial night.  We don't know any of his other
friends outside of Davenport's, but if you can do invitations we'll put
this together.

Thank you for letting us know.

Take care,
Steve & Alma

If on the North Side and ya wanna tip one (A few) in his honor i'm gonna head to Gio's on Damen, and do that and hope for a miracle.


Headed there now and you know where i live...

I think actually at Gio's :p
Dan Brown starrin at Aaron Bussey's junk (in a speedo.)

Oh no. :( Come on home, Dan.

I think he was admiring his vuvuzela.

Vilda said:

Dan Brown starrin at Aaron Bussey's junk (in a speedo.)



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