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Portable velocipede is the ultimate steampunk/hippy mashup bike (from

If you’re the type of green-minded soul who prefers handlebar mustaches to dreadlocks and watch fobs to Tom’s Shoes, you definitely need this swank pennyfarthing bike. More to the point, you need it if you’re short on bike storage space at your home or office -- it takes up roughly half the real estate of a typical bike. It costs €559 (roughly $800) if you're in Spain; the site looks like you should still be able to buy it in the likely event that you aren't, but it's not clear that you can yet, so nag your local bike purveyor/steampunk emporium to set up an import business stat.

(Number two in what is apparently a series on kitting your bike out Victorian gentleman style. Who knew this would be a trend?)

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Manufacturer website:

Looks like it'd be hard to ride, (without training wheels).
If my lbs had it, I would be buying it :D

Looks like they took an old concept and redesigned it to modern tastes. I kind of wish they recreated it like the original because it seems to put the rider in a more natural riding position. Then again it seems that style of steering had issues too.


Velocino Abici, redesign of a historic Italian bike


Good luck on that when you hit a pothole!


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