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Source : by Marcella Raymond (3-9-16)

"Police are searching for a serial bike thief who has stolen more than a dozen from two local buildings.

He started by breaking into the foyers of several buildings on this street and stealing packages. Then the guy moved on to stealing bikes.

Within a minute he would cut a lock and remove a bike. The thief works between 11:30 p.m. and 5 a.m. Not once does he hide his face."

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Picture of perpetrator.


If he's been "stealing packages", he may well have stolen some USPS stuff. That's a federal crime. Much worse for him when he gets caught.

That's if he ever is. I think law enforcement has changed in this city. So has priorities and man power. 'Bigger fishes to fry', with crime in this city.

I posted this to remind all to secure your bikes as best as you can, even inside the locked areas of your own building.


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