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There is an amazing bicycle shop in the town of DeKalb IL called North Central Cyclery (NCC). A few miles off the end of the Great Western Trail. Wonderful people and easily the best shop I have ever been to. Some one came in and test rode a few bikes and took of on one of them.
   For more information and the whole story read here at their blog:

Lets help restore the faith in humanity to this great shop.

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Yes they were taking a risk by just letting someone test ride such a bicycle, and they realize this. This wasn't posted so people can poke fun at any one for being too trusting. Its here to try an catch a con man who might, if not already, try an scam other shops and or people.
I haven't asked the shop to see if they have done this yet or not, but I will be sure to. thanks. Just thought i should try an spread the word where ever I could. Hope this doesn't happen to any other shops :-(

Tank-Ridin' Ryan said:
good luck
They've got pretty good pictures of the guy. I can't imagine this was the guy's first time pulling this con, so perhaps he'll be recognized soon. Good luck.
cross posted on other social media to get the word out
Didn't they have to hold on to his ID or credit card for collateral? I know I've done that to test ride bikes.
Most likely it was a fake ID. They have insurance right?
From the blog post:

"We rarely take ID, take deposits, or thoroughly interrogate the customer before they take our bikes out. You could say, and I’ve been accused of this travesty before, that we generally trust people."

Sounds like getting burned from trusting that potential buyers would come back with the bikes.
They are a great shop! It is a shame. They did say that this is the first such occurrence at their shop.
I bought my bike from there and greatly appreciated their openness and friendliness. Even though I live here in the city, I would go there again.

I hope they are successful in locating the thief. I also hope that they continue in their friendliness and fabulous service!

I too have spread the word.
keeping an eye out for you Tobie...
Glad to hear that the word is getting out. I think it would be fantastic if social media could help bring this dude down. Ripping off friendly bike shops is like stealing from the elderly in addition to being a bike thief... Uncool stuff for sure :-/


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