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Please give it a good home before winter - A mid-1970's Raleigh girls frame

Hi everyone,

I'm hoping to find a good home for my mid-1970's Raleigh 3-speed. Where I live now it stays in a garage that's open to weather, and that's affecting it more than I expected. I don't want it to spend another winter in the garage.

I'm asking around 250 or best offer. Here are the details:

Mid-1970's Raleigh with girl's frame.
3-speed, Trygg center stand, bell, reflectors, chain guard
- Dark red
- Has wire basket, taillight and headlight, all with quick-release mounts
- Anatomically correct seat
- Kryptonite lock
- Tire pump
All included 
In good shape except chrome on handlebars and wheels needs work.

The bike and I live in Edgewater. 

A picture is attached.

Please get in touch if interested!  :)

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