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I took a walk today and walked along the construction area for the North Branch Trail extension.  It should be a nice trail.  These are pictures of the 1st phase construction.


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The bridge has been installed. What are they going to do about the swamp on the west side of the street where you enter/exit the path? That area is always water logged after it rains.

I took some pictures of the early staging of the pieces last night. I only stayed until about 11:30.

I will post the pictures and maybe a video later.

Here are some pictures and video I took last night:


The day after the overnight bridge installation.


Sehr kuhl ;)

I went by the Forest Glen part of the trail today.  The bridge over the railroad tracks is in place. The grade on the approach looks to be about the same as the bridge that goes over Lake Avenue in Glenview.

Here are some pictures I took:


I walked the trail from Forest Glen to Edgebrook.

It's over 90% completed.

Here are the pictures I took:


That look nice. Thanks for posting!

I'm a little confused. Where are the trailheads for this section? Is there a map showing this new trail? Thanks

this map still shows the trail as a "planned extension"

it is the gray trail going south from Devon down to Forest Glen.  there are several parking lots including the one on Forest Glen.


The southern trailhead is on N Forest Glen Ave, just west of the Eden's. The Northern trailhead is on the intersection of Devon and Caldwell.


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