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There are camera bags that are technically messenger bags like the "Tamrac Adventure Messenger" but they are not designed for biking. I am looking for a bag that is easy to sling around like a Chrome bag but opens to easily access your camera equipment. Anyone have any ideas? Or is this something I should make myself and start selling?

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Gotta have a tripod accessory for me. I use my DSLR for both video and photography. And when I am going out I'll either bring a monopod or a steadycam.
I have a Lowepro bag that does swing around for access. They make several models, this is their large bag with several compartments and lots of space for stuff and is made specifically for photography.

Bring it back from the dead!  :)


Spencer did you buy this bag?  Anyhow, obviously, I'm on the same boat right now.  I'm looking for a cycling bag to carry a DSLR with a 50mm lens.

Althow I do not have this bag I do have a few bags from WIG and the quality is great!

I use this one from Best Buy and use the "shoulder srtap" as a chest strap and BAM messinger bag for a camera. It is also rain/snow friendly and I can vouch for that part!

I having link issues but it is the Aktiv Pak AP200 

camera bag

Does this work?

Not really. The WIG one is better.

I played with this bag at the store and it's impossibly difficult to get the camera out when it needs to be out.

Any bike bag can carry a camera. The idea of a good camera bag is that the photographer can get it out within at least ten seconds without spilling all the other equipment on the floor.

That's why the top loading click strap with the cradle design is the best. These bike camera bags are made by bikers and not photographers it would seem.

They also don't let water pass through the material.

Wet-suits don't keep water out because they are not sealed at throat, wrists nor ankles.
Dry-suits have a method for tightening at those openings to keep the water out.

You probably need to glue/seal the seams to help keep the water out.

Wet-suits aren't the insulating layer, the thin film of water that they let in is the insulator, the wet-suit keeps the water that's in, in. Your body heats the thin layer of water, the suit keeps that layer from being cooled by the surrounding (out in the lake/pond/ocean) water.

Michael, DM-49975

Michael Perz said:

That material is from a drysuit. Wetsuits only act as an insulating thermal layer. They don't keep water out.

Ruben Dario said:
I say make your own and just modify this design. Used wetsuits are available for fairly cheap.



I ended up just making my own bag then just giving up because it required constant repair. Started slinging stuff into a chrome bag and then wrapping the DSLR around my neck if I needed to be fast or just putting it in the bag wrapped around some cloth. (So lame. Shoulda' bought the WIG!)


Anyway those days are over as I am am transitioning from Nikon / Canon to a mirrorless lens system for their super small form factor. Bought a Sony NEX7 the other day and I'm not going back. It feels great to use such a small camera reminds me of when I was learning to shoot on my dad Nikon FE2 and the high school's Leica. I've missed that feel for a long long time.


Those of you who think I am crazy. I may be. But with a little extra work one can convert any modern Canon or any old school lenses like the Leica's to work with the NEX e-mount system... So that's fucking great!


What isn't great is a lack of Nikon conversion with auto focus. So I may just have to sell my Nikkor's. Which is a little sad.


Anyway now that I have a camera and three lenses that take up less space than a single DLSR I am getting that NIKO Sling Chrome Bag Industries is making. Probably today. I'll let y'all know how I like it. I'll be taking it on a trip to Ireland, the United Kingdom, Amsterdam, Thai Land, Australia, New Zeland and Japan next month so I'll have a ton of stress testing to report.

For doubters of the NEX7's ability to replace a traditional DSLR I submit to you this photo. It was in a super low light environment without a tripod at f1.8 on a 50mm prime.


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