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Show us your pets!

This is my monstrously fat cat Orson, 30 pounds of feline love machine.

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This is Murphy - checkin' out the neighborhood.

He is too much of an asshole to be in a magazine or ad

Julie Hochstadter said:
This picture should be in a magazine or ad.

Wesley Dolezal said:
It's the kitty
Julie Hochstadter said:
Are you a photographer or is Thundercleese just extremely photogenic?


This might be my favorite picture

Don P said:
This is Murphy - checkin' out the neighborhood.

Thundercleese: T-Cleese, Thunder Cat, Gato, Gatito, Kitty, Stop, Hey!, "not now" and Food (he runs to the kitchen when we say that).

Kellie said:
Huckleberry (the dog) aka "Face"
Chicago (the cat) aka "Old Man"

Julie Hochstadter said:
What's your pets nickname?

Mine are:

Rami = Ramadan, Ramadandan, Ramero, Ram, Kitten

Stevie Nicks = Little Girl, Cindy (nephews like to call her that).

For Matt:

Matt AKA Jimbo/BMXican said:
This is lady, had her since I was 10. She past a way last year but I still think about her just about everyday.

Vote for Molly Mae here, money goes towards Pit Bull Rescue. Molly is a Chainlinker's dog....

This is Moose and Mila. They are 3 month old pits. Moose has the goggles and Mila has the patch. They love to sleep in the sun just like us. :)

If only all our pets were this well behaved... (thanks Mike A for the link).

today, there were a couple of black kids walking on 3000 block of logan blvd w/ two puppies to sell -- recalling, i suspect the little hoodies kidnapped the pups from the neighborhood. no, i did not act on the moment, just decline the offer.



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