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Show us your pets!

This is my monstrously fat cat Orson, 30 pounds of feline love machine.

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aw, they're so cute together!!! Have you decided on a name?
And meanwhile, across the pond on the mean streets of London...
Klive getting a deep tissue massage!

This is Ivy and her babies, who we rescued from a brushpile den in a Wisconsin state park about a week and a half ago. She's about a year old, the kits were about a month old when we found them. Momcat is very laid back except when our doggie gets too curious about the kits... The kitties are all kinds of cute.

 L to R: Puff, Felix, & Sugar.


Ivy got her name from the poison ivy patch we had to get through to collect her. i still don't know how we didn't get a dose of the stuff.


Looks like they're all staying. Oh boy, another chance for a 4 cat household.

He is a long hair Dachshund.


This is Lady Bird Johnson planking...

10 reasons I have the best dogs ever!


Winston tried planking, too.  just doesnt have the technique down quite yet like LBJ does

More pictures...

Here are the cats doing what they do best,



mine never sleep :))

Joel said:

Here are the cats doing what they do best,

I don't know if I've ever met a creature that enjoys sleeping more than Gretel.  

Julie Hochstadter said:

mine never sleep :))


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