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I hope to see many of you at Break the Gridlock's next UnHappy Hour, 9/15, 7pm at Quenchers Saloon at 2401 North Western (at Fullerton). We will talk about how all season riding fits into overall efforts to promote car-freedom and share tips for convincing others to stay in the saddle year round.

Think of this as a "train the trainer" event. Veteran Bike Winter hucksters will demonstrate different strategies for getting your friends, co-workers and strangers in the check-out line to keep rolling as the temps drop. Content (what do I say?) and delivery (how do I say it?) will be addressed. 

Participants will leave with a BW starter promo kit, including stickers from past years, spare gaitors to hand out to other faltering cyclists, and notes for future reference. And, there will be a quiz!

Bike Winterites will also share quick tips for braving the cold, wet, windy days of fall. Remember: Bike Fall is harder than Bike Winter. More on Bike Fall and planning BW events (and the unveiling of the 2011 sticker!) will be at the 9/22 kick off meeting--right after the car-free day rally. More on that in a bit.

The presentation/formal discussion will start at 7pm and last about an hour. People are encouraged to stick around afterwards to mingle and scheme.

Break The Gridlock's unHappy Hour is a bimonthly event to bring together individuals interested in BTG's mission of reducing automobile dependency. We are unhappy with the state of Chicago's transportation networks, but optimistic that we can make them better!

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Happy Monday, all. . .

Just a reminder about Wednesday's Bike Winter themed UnHappy Hour. Our beloved Julie H. (and Bike Winter co-chair) will be helping me a do a skit about converting a fair season cyclist to year round pedaling. I will also have on hands patterns and tips for making balacalvas and gaiters. Many thanks to Ash Lottes for already making a batch of goodies for us to distribute to kids and adults.

And, next week, 9/22, is the official BW kick off meeting--after the car-free day rally and ride--where events will be schemed, new stickers unveiled and more.
It's great that we are starting early to keep the momentum going (from summer/fall). I've only been riding for 2 winters and would never have been able to do it without the amazing folks of Bike Winter. Come out to learn, teach and spread the gospel of biking year round! Event listing here.


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