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Which of the trails are paved or gravel, I&M, Prairie path? I'm interested in paved trails, like North Branch

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This might help answer your question:

The Salt Creak Trail by brookfield is paved. The IPP is paved from 1st ave to where it goes under 290/294 after hillside. It's crushed limestone (along with the Great western) after that, which to me is the same as paved, unless its washed out, with a little more dust. Ridden it on 23's with no problem.

"paved" is not always your friend.  On the Hennepin Canal trail, the limestone path areas are generally smoother than the "paved".  the exeption is when horses have been on them when wet.

Thanks for all replies, see you on the trails/road!

Salt Creek trail is (mostly) paved* but there are some gravel sections along the way.

I&M Canal Trail is not paved.

The Skokie Valley Trail is paved, and has limited cross streets for less stopping.


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