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Passing Another Cyclist on the Road, Then Having that Cyclist Catch Up to You at a Stoplight and Come to a Stop In Front of You or In Your Path

Does anyone else find this a little frustrating, a little lame, and sometimes a little unsafe? (You know, because you have to pass them all over again; this time from a stop with more bunched traffic.)

I wish folks would generally line up behind the stopped bike that's in front of them at a stoplight -- especially those who were just passed.

I was curious how y'all feel about this? Maybe I should be less grumpy about this sort of thing?

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i HATE this also. I do love the fact that I work 3rd shift in the loop . So on my 7am commute home north on milkwakue ave I laugh at the bikers riding south all jocking for position in the bike lane and a stop lights. while i ride free and clear north the bikelane all to myself
I think Too $hort said it best. "Get in where you fit in!" We all ride different gear ratios, so think about the reality of the situations you find yourself in. When you get passed, even in a sprint, you are out-geared and out-gunned. There is no need to try and prove that you can cheat an intersection, ride fearless, or win the 10 yard sprint. Stay in the rear, don't be an ass, and mind the hierarchy. Don't worry, you'll have your day. We all do. Plus, you don't appear to be a douche to everyone else including the traffic that gets cut off when you are passed over, over, and over again. Just think outside yourself once in awhile. There is like a whole world out there man! We are all trying to get somewhere. So don't get in the way.
Life is one big race! The one in front is winning! Sorry, I have nothing constructive to add other than I agree it's annoying and really kind of funny.
This same discussion applies to people driving cars. There are people who drive fast and have to stop at each light/stop sign and ones who drive slower. There are people who zoom around you and constantly change lanes only to arrive at the destination at the same time. There are people who slow down so they won't have to stop at a light and there are some who even spit out the window..... IMHO there is no "right" way other than the "safe" way. Ride defensively and safely.
This doesn't bother me at all. What does bother me is when someone is trying to pass me but can't quite do it—extra lame given that I'm not a fast rider. This doesn't happen all that often but there's really not all that much that makes me feel more unsafe than having car doors on my right and some maniac's front wheel overlapping my back one on my left, especially since to put some distance in I either have to up my pace to something faster than I want to ride or drop behind the maniac, who obviously can't be trusted not to run into me.
yeah. it's all about ediquitte. and the newbies are learning. i talk to them ('you're good, go ahead', i take a break behind them, i pass them, i teach by doing, not telling.
One and All:

I side with Homebuilt. One word: rude.

Homebuilt said:
Yes it's rude, I try to get over it just by showing better skills. Of course usually said cyclist also is running the red light, so it's in or after the intersection that I'm having to pass them again.



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