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Parts! Bontrager saddle, Cannondale seatpost, Axiom rack, Headland rear fender

Cannondale Coda suspension seatpost, 27.2mm, good condition. Smooth out your city ride! $5.

Bontrager MTB/comfort saddle with relief channel. In good shape overall, but a bit of damage to the nose, shown in the photo. $5. SOLD

Axiom Streamliner Road DLX rack, built for road bikes with braze-ons at the dropouts, but no rackmounts at the seatstays. Instead, it bolts inline with the brake at the brake bridge. A nice alternative to P clamps. In excellent condition, mounted and used once. $20. SOLD

Headland seatpost-mounted fender, good condition. Perfect for mountain bikes or fixies. $5. SOLD

Prices firm. Cash only, pick up only on Ashland near Diversey.

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I'm interested in the saddle.

There's actually no other hardware for the rack. I'm sure I can dig up a couple of bolts for the dropouts if you need, but the rack is designed to be mounted inline with the rear brake, so there's no bolt needed for that.

Updating with a couple of sold items. 


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