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Sad news here. This was to be a model for many cities to try and adapt.

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In a nutshell: The program did not fail due to lack of popularity. However, the sponsoring company didn't count on the astounding rate of theft, vandalism and abuse of the bikes, and wants out.
Wow people stole those fugly bikes, no account for taste I suppose...
By the bi JC Decaux is the same company that is in charge of the maintance of CTA's bus shelters...
I hope they get it to work...I was in Paris last June and it looked like a great program. I tried to use one, but you needed a European credit card that has a special chip. The bikes and racks were all over the city, so you could travel to lots of areas and have a place to return it.
I am not sure why they just don't charge the credit card of the person that took the bike out of the rack if it isn't returned. That would pay to replace the bike. I thought that was the reason for the credit card.

I have heard or read that one of the problems here would be the helmet issue. A lot of bicyclist in Paris were wearing helmets, but a large portion of the riders I saw did not, especialy when using the rental bikes. And how do you rent the helmet.

They are ugly bikes....but they grow on you.

They are ugly bikes....but they grow on you. Like a fungus between my toes?!?
Come on, they look like those stupid mopeds from the 70's sans the motor...
I do like that someone put fur on the tires, any Rats in Paris?
I agree that the tagged bikes looked much better than there utilitarian Nazi gray...
But here it is, a stolen credit card=a stolen bike+bike freeks=Paris
does anyone know about theft and vandalism that happen with the rental bikes in millennium park or navy pier?

I heard that there was a problem that no one was returning the bike to the rental station in Montmartre (a hill). Apparently no one wanted to pedal uphill when they can just coast to the next rental station.

looks like the Paris experiment was a little naive.
Streetsblog opines on this story, calling it greatly exaggerated: "Decaux is using media sensationalism in order to obtain more money from the city of Paris," said Denis Baupin, who as Deputy Mayor for Transportation oversaw the Vélib launch in the summer of 2007.



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